Sporty stay in Biarritz

Sporty city, Biarritz gives you many activities such as golf, surf, water activities... and also ski, very clause from the city! The hotel Villa Koegui is the perfect place for sporty people!

5 Golfs 18 holes

  • Golf Biarritz le Phare, created in 1888, in the heart of the city, it's the second older golf course of the continent.
  • Golf d'Arcangues, really close from Biarritz, it's located in a magestic emplacement in the nice town of Arcangues.
  • Makila Golf Club : a beautiful golf course and a high quality Club House, which one can be privatize.
  • Golf de Chiberta : 90 years after its creation, this wonderful mix of links and inland still attract a lot.
  • International Training Center of Ilbarritz and its 5 golf schools. 26ha of greenery, it gives a wonderful panorama on the ocean.

We have relations and special prices with many places, ask us for advices and informations.

Biarritz and the surf

Ten surfing school and one of the best french spot. In Biarritz, the surf culture is everywhere. Beginners or confirmed, everybody is more than welcome to practice.  

We have relations and special prices with many places, ask us for advices and informations.

The most beautiful hike around Biarritz

The hike of "La Rhune" from Olhette

La Rhune is famous for its amazing 360 view of the Basque Country. 4 ways are available but the one who starts from Olhette is the recommended one. It gives you the oportunity to discover the mountains, from France and from Spain. Any particular difficulties but a good health is needed.


Corniche Basque : Hendaye to Saint-Jean-de-Luz by the littoral

A wonderful place of the Pyrénées-Atlantiquethe hike of the Corniche Basque from Hendaye to Saint Jean de Luz. The way gives you the opportunity to discover a piece of the Basque Country still wild and beautiful. Easy and without any particular difficulties, it tooks 4 hours to do it.


Basque sports

La pelote Basque

One of the most popular sport of the Basque Country. From the ancien "Jeux de paume", it's really popular today and counts many players. It has 7 types:

Indirect games :

  • La Main nue.
  • Le Chistera.
  • La Pala cuir (leather).
  • La Pala gomme (gum).
  • Le Xare and the frontennis.

Direct games :

  • Le Rebot.
  • Le Pasaka

You want to try ?

Fronton Jaï-alaï et mur à gauche de Biarritz
Stade Aguilera
64200 Biarritz
Tel. +33 559 239 109

Le trinquet de Saint-Martin
23 Avenue Pasteur
64200 Biarritz
Tel. +33 559 231 123

Where can you see it ?

Les arènes de Bayonne
Avenue Alfred Boulant
64100 Bayonne

Les arènes de Dax
2 Boulevard Paul Lasaosa
40100 Dax

Les arène de Bilbao, Plaza de toros de Vista Alegre
Aguero Martin Kalea, 1,
48012 Bilbo
Bizkaia, Espagne

The encierros

Along a path, bulls and people are running together.

The strenght of the Basque people

  • Le tir à la corde (tug-of-war), «soka-tira»,
  • Les scieurs de bois (wood sawyers) «arpanariak»,  
  • Les leveurs de pierres (rock lift up) «harri jazotzaleak»,  
  • Lever de charrette (carts lift up) «orga joko», etc….

Demonstrations available all summer in Biarritz.

Other sports

Rugby in the Basque Country

L’aviron Bayonnais

Le Biarritz Olympique

Biarritz riding

Pôle équestre de Biarritz
Rue de Palassie
64200 Biarritz
Tel. +33 559 261 347

Club hippique côte basque
118 Promenade de la Barre
64600 Anglet
Tel. +33 559 638 345